• How may I pay my tickets?

All the tickets must be paid in full upon reservation. You may pay through credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.

• Is the online purchase safe? 

Yes. Our website uses all the necessary protection systems to let you have a safe purchase. Your credit card data are coded and are sent from your pc directly to the Payment Gateway, that is based on an SSL3 128 bit certification by Verasign, the world leading company in matter of internet certifications. Furthermore our website uses Verified by Visa and Secure Code tecnologies, to grant your payments through Visa or MasterCard.

May I change my reservation?

Yes, if the general conditions applied for the confirmed rate agree. You may get in touch with us by phone or email to have detailed info.

Is my pet or dog for sightless people allowed on board?

The majority of ferry companies allows pets on board (agaist payment). You'll be informed about the pet policy of each company before the final confirmation and where the pet can be accommodated on board. Please do inform about the terms and eventual veterinary documents necessary to take the pet to your destination.

Do passengers' data and plate number have to be right ?

Yes. For security reasons the passengers' and car data in the reservation should be the same on the documents the guests will show at the port. Otherwise, the port authority may refuse the boarding. 

Should I print my ticket?

In case your destination is in Sardinia or Sicily, it is not necessary to print the ticket. By reservation, you'll be asked to add your email address, where you'll receive your ticket as PDF file. You may show it directly at the port through tablet or smartphone. .

How early should I arrive at the port before boarding?

It depends on the route. You may find this info in the email you'll receive after the purchase of your ticket. If you travel with a pet or if you need any special assistance, it would be better to arrive at the port even earlier.

I booked a cabin or seat. Where my I ask for my accommodation on board?

To request you allocated cabin or seat from October to March you need to show your ticket the reception on board around 1h30 before the departure time. Not allocated cabins or seats will be put on sale. 

May I enter the garage area during the trip?

For security reasons, you may not enter the garage area during the trip.

May I travel with LPG car?

Some companies ask for this info directly in the reservation form. In any case, please inform about the matter the port staff and the reservoir must be empty.

How do I reach the departure port?

In the confirmation email you'll find some info to reach the port. Print the email, to have your guide during the trip to the port!

What kind of services are available on board?

Each company features different services on board. Please check this info in the "Companies" paragraph on this web site.  



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