Corsica Sardinia Ferries: the story so far.

The ferry company Corsica Line was founded In 1968 by Pascal P. Lota from Bastia: the ferry Corsica Express (600 passengers and 60 vehicles) was the first ship to sail between Corsica and Italy and this specific market developed from the foundation of the society till 1981.

The company grew and its famous yellow ships started to cover also some routes to France, in addition to the routes to Italy.
With the acquisition of the Italian company TTE, Sardinia Ferries joined Corsica Ferries, so that the company was able to enlarge its routes, including also Sardina.
The ship "Sardinia Nova" was the first yellow ferry to connect Livorno and Olbia. In 1987 the fleet was supplemented by the "Sardinia Vera".
In 1996 the fast ferry Corsica Express opened the Nice-Corsica route and the fast ferries were introduced also in the crossings between the French mainland and Corsica and between Italy and Sardinia.
In 2001 the Mega Express Ferries were introduced, to cover some of the new proposed routes between Toulon and the ports of Ajacco, Calvi, Ile Rouse and Bastia.
2004 was also the year when the flagship of the company, the Mega Express Three, was put into operation on the route to Sardinia.
In 2006 the Mega Express Four was added. In the meantime, Corsica Ferries has welcomed more than 3 million passengers, about 2/3 of them on the route to Corsica and 1/3 on the route to Sardinia. In 2007 the Mega Express Five was bought and redesigned during 2007 and 2008. In addition, in 2008 the Mega Smeralda was put into operation as the new beauty of the fleet. Mega Andrea (2015), sistership of Mega Smeralda, and the Pascal Lota (2017) have recently joined the fleet.




Departure from Calvi

Departure from Golfo Aranci

Departure from Savona

Departure from Bastia

Departure from Livorno