MEGA SMERALDA (Corsica Ferries)


Sardegna Traghetti Corsica Sardinia Ferries

The ship, formerly the Color Festival, was bought from the Norwegian Company Color Lines Cruises and renamed Mega Smeralda by Corsica Ferries. It is 171.50 m long and 28 m wide. Its speed rises to 28 knots. Following re-fitting in the Wharf Megatechnica in Greece it can take 2000 passengers and 560 vehicles. The ship has 539 cabins and is comfortably equipped (restaurants, bar, conference rooms, children's playroom, shops etc). Due to its size, facilities and design the Mega Smeralda is the flagship of our shipping company. Since 13 June 2008 it has sailed between Italy and Sardinia and since 20 June 2008 also between Italy and Corsica. Mega Smeralda provides Corsica Ferries with the 14th ship of its fleet.