Arbatax is originally a small fishing village in Sardinia who have moved from the island of Ponza. The meaning of its name comes from the fourteen, it seems to be due to the presence of the Fourteenth Saracen tower sighting present throughout the Sardinian coast. This belief, however, is not supported by the existence of evidence of the Arab presence in that area.Arbatax today no longer has the characteristics of a small fishing village, in fact, following the birth of factories and the division of the neighboring areas, has become a fraction of the coastal town of Tortoli. During the Second World War the port was destroyed by the bombing of 18 aircraft to prevent connection to the mainland. Today the port has regained its importance by becoming a fishing village at the center of Sardinia important link with the ports of Genoa and Civitavecchia. This gave way to raise awareness of the neighboring and Tortoli Ogliastra. The ferry port of Arbatax is located in the west coast of the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea.