The existence of the Port of Cagliari you have tracks already in Phoenician-Punic period, and then in Roman times. The aspect that we can see today is that of the '900. In fact, until the unification of Italy the port was small and separate from the Via San Francesco da Paola (now Via Roma) and then from the city through the walls. Inside the port nineteenth century there was the palace called Health, which also contains controlled goods and animals arrived in the city, for fear that they were contaminated by some disease that could bring an epidemic. The palace was built in the current Health Molo Health, which has left the name. Alongside stood a door that led into the Marina district, also demolished in the contemporary with the rest of the walls. With work nineteenth century moved away from the shore of the harbor Marina district and were installed on the pier of the marina and the WHO. After the heavy bombing that Cagliari suffered in 1943 (especially February 28), the port was destroyed in various parts, including the small maritime station. So after the war it was decided to expand the port area and took further sea zone, grew larger piers, and to make a new roadway is demolished the Customs with great favor of the population. Today the Port of Cagliari is the principal of Sardinia in terms of passenger ships and goods in transit. And consists of the New Basin Levante, New Basin of West, from the Inner Harbour from Dock On Siccu and that of Sale.