Olbia is the economic centre of this part of the island (commercial centres, food industry) and is very close to the famous Costa Smeralda tourist area. It was one of the administrative capitals of the province of Olbia-Tempio, operative since 2005 and canceled after a referendum seven years later. A dynamic city, which presents itself as a tourist destination, for the beautiful sea and beaches and also for the large number of places of cultural interest to visit.

The port of Olbia is the natural port of the Costa Smeralda and of Gallura, the north-eastern region of Sardinia. The region is famous for its unusual landscapes studded with granite masses in bizarre shapes, eroded by harsh weather, which served as dwellings and as tombs for the prehistoric population. In the area are found Dolmen, funeral monuments from the prehistoric era, and megaliths from the Nuraghic age, including the famous Tombs of the Giants.

Tirrenia ferry company links Olbia to Genova and Civitavecchia, while Moby Lines links Olbia with Genova, Piombino and Livorno. Grimaldi lines operates in Olbia too and links the port to Livorno and Civitavecchia.