Calvi is located in the northern coast of Corsica, in the region of Balagne. It was inhabited in the Neolithic period from Cervini, a population of the place, to buy a lot of importance in the Roman period, becoming one of the landmarks of the island, in the following centuries unfortunately its history is marked by fierce invasion of the Vandals and Saracens. Under the rule of the Genoese, the XXIII century, Calvi had a period of development becoming one of the powers of the Mediterranean, so as to attract the interest of France that after a long persecution succeeded, in 1768, to conquer it. Today is one of the island's most important and well-known thanks to the many buildings, churches and monuments were witnesses of its long history. Of Calvì affects the variety of landscapes from the mighty citadel surrounded by forts built by the Genoese in the bustling harbor, beaches long the hills of olive groves, lemon trees, vines and orange trees. The Port of Calvi is in the west of the Gulf south of Porta St. Francois dominated by the Fortress and the fortified walls, from here ferries to Corsica Ferries to Savona with departures only during the summer.